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Who are we? is a site operated by Tomorrow Media Group Ltd (trading as ISave or, a company registered Malta with company number C92674, the registered office of which is at Soho Office Hotel, Edge Water Business Complex, Level 3, Elia Zammit Street, St Julians STJ3150, Malta.

Our Network Partner who shares data with us for our brand is an online consumer comparison website for money saving offers.

Tomorrow Media Group Ltd (trading as ISave or are a UK consumer data aggregator. This means that we gather information about people from different data sources called Network Partners, Data Contributors, Data Partners and Data Disclosers.

The data that is shared with us includes Online Loan Applications, Online Competition Online Entries.

We combine this information to create a Single Customer view so we can provide your information to other companies who want to contact you about their products and services. These other companies are called Third Parties and we share your information with them.

Our Data Collection Practices

Tomorrow Media Group Ltd is a leader in the marketing services industry, so we adopt and implement best practices and diligently seek to follow all laws governing the acquisition, compilation and distribution of consumer data. These practices include careful screening of data sources, ongoing internal audits, and appropriate consumer notice and choice.

Why do we process your information?

We process your information to share with Third Parties for Marketing activities.

These companies my bring to your attention information about Products and Services that may be of interest to you and include such things that may help you save money, reduce debt, increase earnings, improve your credit rating, create more value for money, get better results and create benefits for you and your family.

These companies may contact you where they have a lawful reason, which may include these organisation’s own legitimate interest. 

Why do we share your information with third parties

We only share your information for Marketing if you have given explicit consent. This means that you have made a positive action to opt-in and agree to Third Party Parties contacting you directly or passing on your information to a Sub Processor to contact you. A Sub Processor may be a Call Centre who are employed by a Telecoms or Utility company to inform you about Products and Services that may be of benefit to you, for example.


When you have registered, applied or made an entry on a Data Contributor’s website or app you will have been given the option to agree to third party marketing by the channel/s that you specified. Typically, you will have four options to choose from which are Telephone, SMS (Text Message), Email or Post.


You can select one or all options depending on your preferences. Your ability to process a loan application, enter a competition is not affected if you choose to decline and opt-out of sharing your information with Third Party Controllers.


For a list of Products and Services provided or promoted by Third Party Controllers and Sub Processors please read our Privacy Policy